The estate and its production

After changing hands over many years, this property was acquired by Frederic Juvet in 1991. The 200 hectares estate includes 20 hectares of vineyards planted with traditional noble grape varieties including Carignan, Syrah, red and white Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Roussanne. The vines thrive in the clayey–limestone soil, sheltered from the Cers (prevailing wind) and benefiting from plenty of sunshine for optimum ripening.

Le domaine avec en arrière-plan la montagne de l'Alaric

The estate with the Alaric mountain in the background

Years of winemaking experience have enabled Frederic Juvet to blend and nurture expressive wines that reflect their “terroir” (geographical origins). Frederic Juvet will be delighted to share his passion for his products by inviting you to taste a selection of his highly distinctive and authentic wines.

La production du domaine

Production of the estate

Various wines are produced in Roquenégade. The red wines include Corbières, which when produced from old vines is characterised by spicy, dried herb aromas, the Cabernet sauvignon has a distinct “Bordeaux wine” style, while the Merlot, is a fruit driven easy drinking wine. The crisp and full bodied white Corbières go well with local cheeses. In certain years, a sweet wine known locally as “Avant que le grain ne meure” (before the grain dies) brings an element of distinction and timeslessness to the range.

Le someil en fûts de crus prometteurs

Future fine wines maturing in oak barrels