In the neighbourhoods of the lodging

In addition to the essential excursions along the Estate’s paths, there is also plenty to occupy the amateur naturalists (Alaric mountain, horse-treks from Montlaur village and Taurize lake), as well as the architecture and history enthusiasts (to mention only the most renowned, the choice abounds: the towns Carcassonne, Lagrasse, Narbonne and Perpignan. The Fontfroide Abbey. And not fogetting the famous Cathare castles: Queribus, Peyrpertuse, Aguilar and others. The historic site of Tautavel …).

Roquenégade, the estate


The adventurers will explore with interest the Cabrespine cave, the sportsmen will tour the region by foot or bicycle. As for the children, they will be delighted, for example by the Bird City at Carcassonne, or Cavayère lake, or the Sigean African reserve, or by the medieval grill room at Villerouge-Termenès.

Images of the Sites

In the following pages we invite you to see images of some of the sites mentioned.

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