The bedroom and the bathroom
(1st floor)

A generous 25m2, the bedroom is soberly furnished with a double bed (160 X 200cm), and a small table with chairs.

The bedroom


A wrought iron closet and two large fitted cupboards offer plenty of storage-space. The cupboards are made of chestnut, the floors of sandstone, the walls of stone and lime, and from the window in the sloping pine ceiling is a superb plunging view over the vineyards and scrubland.

Bedroom view 1
Bedroom view 2

Bedroom (Double bed, access to bathroom + ground floor)


Equipped with a toilet, shower and basin, the bathroom maintains the theme of stone, wood and sandstone décor, bringing out the splendid white and dark blue checker tiling. The antique washbasin and large glazed cupboard add to the charm of the room.

The bathroom