Nestled in undulating hills of olive-groves only 20km South-East of Carcassone, the Roquenegade Estate looks over vast vineyards to the south, where the changing shades of seasonal colour blend in with the ochre earth of Corbières.

On this stretch of vegetation are the buildings of the Roquengade Estate, built in traditional stone, lime and tile, with a handful of houses of the hamlet of Requy emerging nearby. A little further up, perched on a mysterious shamble of rocks, the ruins of the aptly-named « Château de Roquenégade ».

At a slightly lower level of the Southern end of the housing complex, the gite looks over the valley, flanked on the port side by cypress bushes and an insolent round pine starboard-bound.

Only the wind and the occasional tractor will stir the silence of this well secluded idyll. And with picturesque villages just a stone’s throw away, the gite is also an ideal base to venture into the Cathare region, so rich in history and tormented landscapes.